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Freelancer Broadband and wifi internet Package

Freelancer Broadband Package

For Whom This Package

In the current world, freelancing is one of the most popular professions. At the moment, the majority of those who work as freelancers live in town to ensure a high-speed internet connection. But it is a realistic view that despite freelancing under the “work at home” method, the freelancer cannot work because staying home means their village, union, or municipality has no high-speed internet. Hence, they ultimately stay out of the home for professional purposes. But if they could complete the freelancing process, from bidding to submitting work, they definitely would not stay out of the house. They are faced with the cost of staying away from home for only one reason: high-speed broadband internet. But if they would get high-speed internet service while staying in their village or union, they could reduce their monthly family costs, help with household activities, and offer freelancing training to the youth of their locality. As a result, many job opportunities would be created, and the impoverished villages would become prosperous. But none of these are possible for only one reason: the scarcity of high-speed internet service. Therefore, Shadhin has designed the freelancing package keeping all of these in mind so that freelancers can change the face of poverty in their locality.

The Freelancer Wi-Fi and Broadband package will ensure that freelancers are provided with the necessary upload and download bandwidth for file sharing.


With this package, a freelancer can use 1 desktop, 1 laptop along with 2 smartphones. Even he/she will get high-speed bandwidth for upload and download in file transformation. Besides if he/she wants to connect further devices to this service, it is possible. To be honest, there have good enough service, uninterrupted connectivity, and high-speed internet service in this package.

Actually, Shadhin doesn't like to be confined to fixed data speed; rather it is very conscious about user-friendly services. Such as; if you want to use an application on your selected device, you will get the bandwidth of Shadhin as much as you need to run the application.

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